Payroll Services

In order to ensure that your employees are paid on time, we offer a convenient payroll service.

Large network

By using our service your employees can withdraw their monthly salary at our numerous ATMs, supported by the largest retail banking network across Myanmar.

Easy to use

Your finance department can take comfort in knowing that all payments made will be transferred on time and with our detailed payroll report (available in .xls or .csv), you can easily reconcile your books and complete your monthly financial reports faster.

Why choose this payroll services?

Secure + effective

Confidentiality of payment data assured. Secure and automated processes ensure funds are directly credited into accounts

User friendly

A convenient and easy to use service


Transaction details are provided for effective reconciliation


Better utilization of manpower and enhanced internal operations

Required Documents

  • To open company account with KBZ Bank
  • To sign KBZ Payroll Indemnity Service
  • To sign Indemnity for Electronic Instruction (if the payment medium is via   electronic channel)
  • To open employee account with KBZ Bank