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E-commerce is a system for selling products and services on the websites by merchants so that VISA, Master (Debit/Credit) and MPU Card holders can buy those products and services from the websites.

What are the advantages of E-commerce?

By using E-commerce, customers can buy products from the websites at any time, reduce other expenses and save time. For merchants, E-commerce enables them to market worldwide and increase the sales.

What are the advantages of KBZ Payment Gateway?

Buyers can purchase with their VISA and Master Cards (Debit/Credit) from websites that have KBZ Payment Gateway and make safer payments as KBZ Payment Gateway uses 3D Secure System.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that authenticates transactions between buyers and sellers online. When a buyer makes a purchase on a website, payment gateway checks the payment system of the buyer and authenticate the purchase. And payment gateway facilitates the transfer of money to the merchant’s bank account at a specified time. Thus, a payment gateway is a service that authenticates transactions between buyers and sellers online.

Can we use MPU Card for E-commerce?

We are processing to enable the use of MPU Card for E-commerce.

Why choose KBZ Payment Gateway?

Simple to use

Use KBZs extensive international network to transfer money anywhere in the world

Increase Sale

Open an account in the currency of your choosing (USD, SGD, Euro)


Make daily withdrawals of up to $5000


Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services

Requirements to access VISA and Master Cards with KBZ Payment Gateway

  • Merchants who want to use KBZ Payment Gateway must have their own E-commerce website with a good security system
  • Must open a Foreign Currency (USD) Company Account in Kanbawza Bank

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