USD BUY 1354 SELL 1356
SGD BUY 1006 SELL 1008
THB BUY 40.5 SELL 42
EUR BUY 1596 SELL 1599
EXCHANGE RATES     12/15/2017
USD BUY 1354 SELL 1356
SGD BUY 1006 SELL 1008
EUR BUY 1596 SELL 1599
THB BUY 40.5 SELL 42


KBZ offers Myanmar citizens loans and overdrafts, in order to promote development, increase business growth and to develop working capital within the country.

Applying for a loan

A typical term of loan and overdraft is one (1) year
It is thereafter renewable on a yearly basis.Cards at our ATMs.


13% annual


Loan interest is paid on the total amount approved and overdraft interest is paid on the amount used.

Payment period

1 Year
In order to increase the payment period, you will need to reapply for the loan

Required Documents

Business Information

  • Business license form
  • Company registration form
  • Receipts of revenue tax for the last 3 years
  • Financial statements for the last 3 years

Personal Documents

  • Copy of National ID
  • Household Registration
  • Letter of Recommendation clearly stating that you are living in shared quarters
  • Guarantee that you are single if you are single
  • Divorce papers and papers proving you aren’t marrying any time soon


  • Documents concerning the ownership of properties
  • Grant, map and history of property

Under the Central Bank of Myanmar regulations, the following collateral are accepted

  • Immovable properties
  • Government bonds and securities
  • Machinery
  • Fixed deposits or Savings deposits
  • Goods
  • Gold
  • Company Shares

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