Increased Interest Rates of KBZ Fixed Deposit Accounts

Dear Valued Customers 

We are pleased to announce that effective 6th January 2022, KBZ Bank has increased the interest rate on our existing fixed deposit accounts.

Normal Fixed Deposit Account
Tenor of Fixed Deposit New Interest RateOld Interest Rate 
(180) Days8.20% p.a6.60% p.a
(270) Days8.30%  p.a6.75% p.a
(360) Days8.50% p.a7.25% p.a
Special Cash Fixed Deposit Account
Tenor of Fixed DepositNew Interest RateOld Interest Rate
(30) Days8.75% p.a8.50% p.a

Customers can open Personal or Corporate Fixed Deposit Accounts at any KBZ Bank branches with the only requirement of NRC. The deposit for a normal fixed deposit account can be from any various sources; transfer from other KBZ bank accounts, cash deposit and cheque deposit. And cash deposit required for a special cash fixed deposit account. 

Existing 180 days, 270 Days, 360 Days normal fixed deposit accounts and 30 Days special cash fixed deposit accounts, which have been auto rolled over on and after 6th January 2022 can earn a new interest rate. 

**KBZ Bank reserves the right to change or amend the interest rates at any time and customers shall be responsible for regularly reviewing the terms including amendments thereto as may be posted on the website